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Progress in Orthopedic Science ISSN: 2146 - 8370
Progress in Orthopedic Science. 2021; 7(2):(58-92)

Pitfalls in a Gamer's Paradise--A systematic Review

Aishwarya CHOKSHI* and Shikha Chokshi


Video games and tenpin bowling are two things highly admired by everyone looking for active indoor recreation. Hence, the aim is to throw light on the type injuries related to these recreational sports and their prevention. Video games are gaining utmost popularity in the light of the current pandemic where people are forced to stay home and they (especially children and young adults) resort to Virtual Reality and other kinds of video games for entertainment. Hence,Video gaming injuries which were once upon a time considered as a novelty diagnosis, are becoming highly prevalent.These injuries are commonly regarded as eccentric injuries and can sometimes result in lasting limitations.

Bowler's thumb is a traumatic neuropathy of the ulnar nerve of the thumb seen in frequent tenpin bowlers. Given the popularity of bowling, it is important to keep this diagnosis in mind along with other sport injuries when a patient presents with paresthesias, hyperesthesia, numbness,changes in two-point discrimination sense, or a positive Tinel sign in the distribution of the involved digital nerve (thick and firm to palpation). 

Sources of data used were peer-reviewed,English articles in Pubmed,Google scholar,CINAHL using certain keywords like ‘Nintendo related thumb injuries’,’Gaming injuries’,’Wii injuries’,’Bowler’s thumb’,’Tenpin bowling injury’.

Results from studies related to gaming injuries suggested that problems included neurological, psychological and surgical. Tendinitis of the extensor of the thumb was seen in traditional controllers with buttons. Palmar ulceration was seen with the joystick on the Nintendo controller and the motion sensitive Wii remote was associated with musculoskeletal problems and various traumas.

Results from various studies related to bowling injuries showed that pain was a predominant symptom, especially in wrist, ring and middle fingers, and thumb. Other repetitive injury-related disorders were also less common than in their non-playing limb and the general population than the affected limb. Hence, creating awareness among the normal population in order to ensure adequate preparation before undertaking virtual sports and tenpin bowling, is the key to prevention of these recreational injuries and happy gaming.