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Progress in Orthopedic Science ISSN: 2146 - 8370
Progress in Orthopedic Science. 2015; 2(1):(12-92)

The effect of mineralized bone matrix on reparative osteogenesis

Yuri М. Iryanov, Nikolay A. Kiryanov, Olga V. Dyuryagina, Tatiana Yu. Karaseva, Evgeny A. Karasev

Background: The development and experimental-and-clinical evaluation of osteoplastic implantation materials one of the most urgent problems of modern medicine. The purpose of the present work consists in studying the characteristics of reparative osteogenesis for filling bone defect under implantation of the allogenic mineralized bone matrix (MBM). Materials and Methods: The special features of reparative osteogenesis for implantation of granulated MBM obtained without thermal and demineralizing treatment into a tibial defect have been studied experimentally in 50 Wistar rats using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray electron-probe microanalysis, and histological techniques. Results: MBM been established to possess marked osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties, the prolonged activation of reparative osteogenesis is observed during implantation, as well as deep bone tissue sprouting into the implant, acceleration of organotypic remodeling of regenerated bone, intense angiogenesis and early restoration of the bone involved. Conclusion: The use of the implant from the MBM appears theoretically sound and promising, particularly in the surgical treatment of bone defects, osteomyelitic seizures, bone cysts, and foci of osteonecrosis