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Progress in Orthopedic Science ISSN: 2146 - 8370
Progress in Orthopedic Science. 2021; 7(1):(51-92)

Ventral Osteochondroma of the Scapula Causing Snapping and Static Winging- A Case Report

Pranav Kothiyal1*,Kunal Vij2, Puneet Gupta3, Nirvin Paul4 and Rahul Bindal5


Osteochondromas are a relatively common entity when we talki about benign bone tumours and they can occur in almost any bone although they have a predilection for certain sites. Flat bones like scapula are a rare location for occurrence of such a lesion. Ventral osteochondromas of scapula are rarer than dorsal ones and can cause a host of symptoms ranging from just scapular pain to pseudo winging of scapula and snapping syndromes. The treatment of such lesions is by excision of the tumour and here we present a case report of a young male with a ventral scapular osteochondroma with static wingingg of scapula and snapping. The patient was adequately managed by en bloc excision and has been relievd of all complaints without any signs of recurrence at one year of followup.