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Progress in Orthopedic Science is an open access peer reviewed journal dedicated provide recent advancements and novel research to the professionals and educators in the fields of orthopedic research. The journal engages and inspires the readers with content relevant for both clinicians and scientists and uses a variety of interactive approaches to communicate that content, with the expressed purpose of improving patient care.

The journal accepts all types of articles such as research, reviews, mini-reviews, case reports, letters to the editor, and commentaries, reports, etc. providing a single forum for discussion. The journal follows strict double blind peer review process to provide unbiased recognition of the work. All the articles will be freely available online immediately after acceptance.

Recent Articles

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Motor Vehicle Accidents in Tunisian Patients: An Observational Study

Author(s): Feki Ines*, Sellami Rim, Masmoudi Rim,Guermazi Fatma, Ben Salah Marwa, Keskes Hassib, Masmoudi Jaweher

Received Date: 2021-08-12; Accepted Date: 2021-08-23; Published Date: 2021-08-26

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211017
The Incidence of Opioid Use in Patients Undergoing Orthopaedic Oncology Surgery

Author(s): Sheena J Amin MD, Alec S Kellish MD, David Le DO, John P Gaughan MS PhD MBA, Tae Won B Kim MD, Christina J Gutowski* MD MPH

Received Date: 2021-07-21; Accepted Date: 2021-07-26; Published Date: 2021-07-29

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211016
Ventral Osteochondroma of the Scapula Causing Snapping and Static Winging- A Case Report

Author(s): Pranav Kothiyal1*,Kunal Vij2, Puneet Gupta3, Nirvin Paul4 and Rahul Bindal5

Received Date: 2021-06-23; Accepted Date: 2021-06-26; Published Date: 2021-06-30

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211015
Exercise-induced Staphylococcus Aureus Pyomyositis of the Shoulder and Septic Oligoarthritis of the Pelvis

Author(s): Marcel T Ghanim1, Zhang Kevin 2, Caytlin Deering3, Ganesh Prasad Merugu4 and Mamtha Balla5*

Received Date: 2021-06-16; Accepted Date: 2021-06-22; Published Date: 2021-06-25

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211014
Big Daddy Paleskin

Author(s): Mister Seun Ayoade

Received Date: 2021-06-15; Accepted Date: 2021-06-18; Published Date: 2021-06-25

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211013
Neck and Intertrochanteric Femur Fracture in Elderly in Emergency Department at Medical City

Author(s): Hussein Kzar Basi Al-Shamri1* and Waleed A Abdulwahid2

Received Date: 2021-06-01; Accepted Date: 2021-06-03; Published Date: 2021-06-05

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211012
Fixation of Fractures of the Shaft of the Humerus with Dynamic Compression Plating or Intramedullary Fixation. A Review of the Effect of Treatment on Post-Operative Function and Complications

Author(s): Abhijit Singh Clair, Govind Singh Dhillon and Harpal Singh Uppal*

Received Date: 2021-05-20; Accepted Date: 2021-05-26; Published Date: 2021-05-29

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211011
A New Treatment Method for Chronic Knee Pain for the Elderly: Treating Inflammatory Immune Membranes as A New Medical Hypothesis

Author(s): Ahed J Alkhatib

Received Date: 2021-03-23; Accepted Date: 2021-03-26; Published Date: 2021-03-29

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211010
Trunnionosis: A Rare Cause of surgical Revision of THA. A Case Report

Author(s): Voto Andrea; Rossi Gregorio*; Ripamonti Carlo Ambrogio Maria; Ravasi Flavio Rinaldo

Received Date: 2021-03-16; Accepted Date: 2021-03-22; Published Date: 2021-03-25

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211009
Basics of Foot Correction

Author(s): Gusyev Valentyn

Received Date: 2021-02-16; Accepted Date: 2021-02-22; Published Date: 2021-02-26

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.47363/POS/20211008